Dedicated Server

We offer High-End Enterprise servers with XEON Processor Turkey-location-speed Dedicated Hosting Services.

  • Powerful Network
  • Powerful Hardware
  • Hight Uptime


Dedicated Server Options

Our servers in stock
Server Processor Memory Disk Traffic IP Monthly Fee
Dell R210
Xeon x3440 16 GB DDR3 240 GB SSD 10 TB Aylık Trafik 5 IP
₺2857.14 Per month
Xeon E3-1240 v2 32 GB DDR3 1TB SSD 10 TB Aylık Trafik 5 IP
₺3857.14 Per month
For non-stock products, please contact us.

Dedicated Server Common Features

Common features of our Dedicated Server service

  • Unshared Traffic Capacity
  • Uninterrupted 1000 Mbit/s port
  • 24/7 Call Center
  • 24/7 IP-KVM Service
  • 7/24 server monitoring with PRTG
  • Redundant Generator
  • Redundant UPS
  • Redundant Air Conditioning Systems
  • You can add hardware 7/24
  • 5 free IP addresses
  • Free Voxility Overseas Protection
  • Free Control Panel Option
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Questions and Answers

Dedicated server is a type of physical server in which all software resources and physical hardware belong to a single customer. You can install any operating system you want.
The server can have high hardware and software costs. Costs such as adjusting the server's technical requirements, managing its operational processes, and staff salaries encourage firms to hire physical servers. Don't miss the experience with SPDNet!
Our company's physical servers are hosted in the SPDNet Izmir Data Center.
The capacity of our internet access backbone is 20Gbps. Our internet output is 100% redundant.
All of our servers have a 1Gbit full duplex port without sharing and this fast internet access is provided without interruption.
SPDNet has spare parts for all the servers it leases. If any problems occur, the faulty part of your server is replaced with a new one as quickly as possible. If the technical problem cannot be solved by changing parts, equivalent or higher hardware is supplied to the customer as soon as possible free of charge.
All management of the server is 100% your own and you can install any kind of software and applications that comply with the laws of the Republic of Turkey, do not contain harmful content and comply with our agreement.
The prices determined are without commitment and excluding VAT. At the end of the purchase period you have chosen, you can terminate your service without a contract cancellation fee.
Our servers have 1Gbps unshared line. In order to provide efficient service, traffic usage quotas are specified in the package details. The service is not slowed down or stopped during traffic excesses.

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