Hire IP

You can hire affordable dedicated ip addresses by using the SPDNET IP rental service. Our IP rental services are available only to our customers who receive server rental and hosting services from us. If you want to move your own server to our data center, you can get server hosting service and use the IP addresses you will hire on your own server.

IP address and other prices
Subnet How many IPs Number of Usable Threads Monthly Fee
8 IP 5 Kullanılabilir IP
₺282.86 Per month
16 IP 13 Kullanılabilir IP
₺565.71 Per month
32 IP 29 Kullanılabilir IP
₺1068.57 Per month
64 IP 61 Kullanılabilir IP
₺2011.43 Per month
128 IP 125 Kullanılabilir IP
₺3457.14 Per month
256 IP 253 Kullanılabilir IP
₺6285.71 Per month
Only our customers who serve our infrastructure can benefit from our IP services!
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If your company has an AS Number, you can establish BGP access with our company through IP Transit, Tunnel and many other methods. Or you can announce your Ace number in our Datacenter with a Router you can rent directly from us. We can also provide you with a special AS Number whenever you want, and we can rent your specific router devices. Please contact the sales manager and our technical team for more detailed information.


We recommend and support many different methods of traffic transfer to our customers, especially L2TP and Gre Tunnel. With these methods, you can use one-way or two-way IP traffic in different locations in accordance with your network configuration.

Mail Marketing

You can send mail from your IP addresses that you have hired from our company and catch the inbox target in your high quota mail addresses. However, absolutely unauthorized SPAM emails and contents are not allowed. For information on this issue, please contact our sales managers.

DDOS Protection

If you request DDOS protection from your IP addresses rented from our company, please call our sales representatives about the protection of network traffic in Turkey. If you think you are under a cyber threat to international traffic, you can be protected against all international cyber attacks up to 1.2 Tbps thanks to our company's peering with the Voxility DDOS service provider.

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